Two days ago I never heard of Baharain. Now I have met two members from the OurStarbucks community who were kind enough to share what Starbucks looks like in Baharain. I now know where Baharain is and about the people that live there. I put the two photos together to give the viewer a feel of what its like to walk into a Starbucks in Baharain.Thanks to @ and  AlJazita for allowing us to have this experience. Welcome to the @OurStarbucks community.

P.S.My latest post inspired me to add two new photos to this post. Some things to know about Bahrain. It is home to an internation F1 race circuit that is stunning to see. Also, Michael Jackson spent a lot of time there. I think he even lived there. Here is a photo of Michael Jackson with a Bahrain prince.

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